Victoria has been training in aerial silks since 2015. She expanded her practice to straps in 2017 and occasionally dabbles with other apparatuses. She took over running Love/Aerial from Lillian summer of 2022. By day, she is a senior environmental scientist for the state of California. By night, she shares her love of things circus with the growing community in Sacramento by training aerial, traveling to workshops, and watching performances by everyone from beginner hobby-aerialists to generational circus professionals. Victoria has completed Paper Doll Militia’s 50-hour aerial instructor training program for aerial silks. She deeply believes in the value of personal accomplishments and loves seeing students stun themselves. She hopes to inspire you to move and remain curious.


Steph tried aerial silks on a whim in January 2016 and instantly fell in love with it. Since then, she plays on silks whenever she can. During the day, Steph is an international admissions advisor at UC Davis. She also goes blues fusion dancing and enjoys yoga when she can. She loves being a part of Love/Aerial and helping others discover a passion for the aerial arts. Steph is the latest Love/Aerial instructor to complete the Paper Doll Militia’s 50-hour silks teacher training program.
Steph has three pets: a dog named Red, a cat named Jackie, and a guinea pig named Zack. 


Maggie first discovered aerial arts as a teenager in San Diego, CA, and has been training regularly at Love/Aerial since 2017. She has completed Paper Doll Militia’s 50-hour silks teacher training program, and she also enjoys practicing Lyra and Rope when she gets the chance. When not at the silks gym, Maggie works in interlibrary loans for the Law Library of UC Davis, or scoping out tickets to the next cool concert. She is thrilled to be joining the Love/Aerial team and is looking forward to sharing her love of aerial arts!

A dark photo of an aerialist in a brightly lit LED hoop


Courtney took her first aerial class in 2019 and fell in love with the art. Later that year, she began fusing aerial hoop with her burlesque routines to wow audiences at The Pearl Theater in Shanghai. In 2020, she started sharing her passion for aerial hoop as an instructor at Zero Gravity. She continued to teach herself new skills and became proficient at both aerial moon and pocket lyra. Courtney recently moved back to California and is excited to continue her aerial journey as an instructor at Love/Aerial and as a performer in Northern California. By day, Courtney works for a nonprofit company assisting people with disabilities. She spends her free time reacquainting herself with the beauty of California, and hanging out with her cats and husband. 

Past Team Members
Former Owner


Lillian discovered the world of aerial arts in 2014 and has been hooked ever since. She joined the Love/Aerial team in 2017 and is always excited to share her love of flying with others eager to find their wings. Lillian comes to Love/Aerial with a background in ballet and a love for the performing arts. She has also completed Paper Doll Militia’s 50-hour aerial instructor training program. When not playing on the silks, Lillian can be found wearing her medical and graduate student hats, but if the whole “MD-PhD” thing doesn’t work out, she’s running away to join the circus.

Former Owner, Founder


Kim founded Love/Aerial in 2015. She has been fortunate enough to travel to train in different states and countries, as well as to participate in several aerial festivals across the country. While aerial silks is Kim’s main apparatus, she also trains in aerial hoop/lyra, corde lisse, and aerial straps. She taught for Aerial Evolution in Sacramento, CA and offered workshops with Rocknasium in Davis, CA. Aerial arts changed Kim’s life and she hopes to share the wonders of the aerial arts with the community. When she’s not flying, Kim is a veterinarian resident.

Former Instructor and Co-owner


Yan has been practicing aerial silks since 2012 and started teaching in 2016. She’s absolutely in love with flying and playing in the air. Aside from her aerial shenanigans, she is also trained in martial arts and yoga. Additionally, she is often smitten by science-y things.


Jessica is an experienced Aerial instructor with over 60 hours of instructor training at the New England Center for Circus Arts. She started doing aerial arts in 2013 after 8 years of competitive gymnastics. Jessica began teaching in 2015 at Free Flow Academy in Rocklin, CA, now the Parkour and Performing Arts Center. She brings all that experience and training to Love/Aerial and is excited to share her love of movement, and her passion for aerial arts. Jessica is always learning and growing in her craft and has completed over 100 hours of additional training in silks, rope, Spanish web, straps, lyra, Chinese pole and is completely self-taught on aerial sphere. She has performed at numerous events around the local area and is currently seeking and expanding her performance opportunities. Jessica loves dynamic movement and spinning, and really enjoys creating and finding different combinations and sequences that together become something amazing. Jessica believes that aerial arts provides a great way for students to find and show their athleticism and power, as well as their grace and elegance. She hopes to encourage and inspire Love/Aerial students to find passion for movement in their pursuit of aerial arts.