First time? Please sign our waiver before coming to class!


Prior to coming to class, please read our General Policies.

What to wear – Please wear a form fitting top and leggings or form fitting bottoms that ideally cover the back of your knees. Wearing sleeved tops may help prevent armpit burns. Shorts over leggings/tights are also acceptable.  Please make sure there are no zippers or anything that could get caught in the silks. Please take off all rings, jewelry, and watches/activity trackers before going on the silks. 


Age limit – While the majority of our students are adults, we do also accept students ages 12 and up. If you are under 18, permission of legal guardian is required.

Reservation Policy – We recommend signing up for classes prior to attending, as there are limited spaces available. Showing up before class will not guarantee entrance into the class.


Refund & Cancellation Policy – Cancellations must be made 24 hours prior to the start of class. Refunds are given to early cancellations. Late cancellations (less than 24 hours before start of class) will not be given refunds.

Late Policy – If you are late to class, please warm-up prior to joining the class. If you are more than 15 minutes late, you will not be allowed into class as it will disrupt the class’s progression.

Class Pass Policies – Class passes are NON-TRANSFERABLE and are only valid to be used by a single student. Please do not sign up other people using your class pass.

Extending expired class passes: Pass extensions can only be granted if students e-mail us at loveaerialsacramento@gmail.com PRIOR to the listed expiration date on the pass. Passes that have already expired will not be extended if we are not notified prior to the expiration date.

General Air Policy – If you are unsure about a move or something doesn’t feel right, it’s better to come down than to risk hurting yourself or others. Safety is our utmost concern. Keep yourself and others around you safe.

OPEN GYM POLICY– We welcome anyone with PREVIOUS aerial experience to come and play on our equipment, provided it be done safely. Please contact us if this is your first time at our gym to make the proper arrangements. IMPORTANT: NO INSTRUCTION will take place during our “Open Gym” classes– this includes open silks, open hoop/lyra, open static trapeze, open straps, and open corde lisse. These spots are meant for students with prior experience on these apparatuses to train their skills. Peer coaching or working outside a student’s current skill-level is not allowed during open gym. An instructor will be present to supervise these sessions, but no instruction will take place.

We appreciate that aerial arts are becoming more and more popular and that many people are enthusiastic about finding ways to train on aerial apparatuses outside the gym. For liability and safety purposes, we do NOT condone setting up your own silks at home, at a park, or any other space without proper safety training and seeking help from a professional rigger and/or arborist.

We recommend taking an abundance of caution before deciding to own or manage your own aerial equipment. Beyond proper training and supervision with rigging aerial apparatuses, precautions should be taken when maintaining and caring for aerial apparatuses and rigging equipment.

Aerial arts have their inherent dangers. Inexperience can lead to a lack of awareness and  failure to take the appropriate precautions can result in injury or even death.