New Gym Policies

Sign-ups: Please sign up online at to reserve your open gym spot. Walk-ins will not be accepted.

New Gym Policies:

  • Masks: Per county and gym regulations, masks are required at all times. This includes while training. Please make sure to take things slow and let your body get used to not only being back in the air again, but also training with a mask on. We encourage you to bring multiple masks  in case you need to change your mask. 
  • Temperature check: Please check your temperature using the wall-mounted forehead scanner in the front office. If you have a fever, you will not be allowed to enter.
  • Hand washing and hand sanitizer: Please wash or sanitize your hands upon arrival at the gym. In addition to the restrooms, there are multiple hand sanitizer stations located throughout the gym.
  • All personal items should be left in your vehicle except those necessary for training (water bottles, cell phones, grip aids, training props).
  • No street shoes on the mat. Please take your shoes off before stepping onto the mat. 
  • Please bring your own filled water bottle.
  • Please limit visitors or observers in the gym at this time. We encourage parents and visitors to wait in their vehicles if possible.

We recognize that health and safety regulations from the County may change at any moment, so we appreciate your patience and will make every effort to inform you of new schedules or policies as soon as possible.

Open Gym

  • Each student will have their own apparatus assigned to them when they arrive. Please do not share your apparatus with other students.
  • Please clean your crash mat after use with the provided sanitizing spray.
  • Equipment will not be shared between students for at least 48 hours.