Class Descriptions

_dsc3331Before coming to class, please read our Policies page

At this time, we only offer instruction for aerial silks/tissu. However, we do have apparatuses set-up for open practice on aerial hoop/lyra, static trapeze, aerial straps, and corde lisse. Please see the “Open Practice” section for more details.

Aerial Silks Level 1 – No experience required for this class–ideal for silk and aerial-newbies! In this level, students will work on the basics (e.g. climbs, footlocks), simple poses, and footlocks in the air.

To advance to level 2, must demonstrate competency in:
– Basic and military/Russian climb (both left and right) at least halfway up the silks (15 feet) with smooth descent
– Single footlock in the air on each foot
– Double footlock in the air
– Candy cane (in the air)
– Split roll-up (in the air)
– Rebecca series (in the air)

Aerial Silks Level 1.5 – Ideal for students wanting to advance to level 2. In this level, students will refine climbs, poses, and basic footlocks introduced in level 1 through self-guided, supervised practice. For students who have taken at least three Level 1 classes at Love/Aerial within the past 2 months that are looking for specific feedback to guide their practice.

Aerial Silks Level 2 – (INSTRUCTOR APPROVAL REQUIRED) Must be able to climb at least halfway up the silks (15 feet) and perform a footlock in the air. In level 2, students will work on inversions and more advanced climbs and poses.

To advance to level 3, must demonstrate competency in:
– Basic and military/Russian climb to the top of the silks with both left and right sides for both climbs (4 climbs total)
– Solid egg beater footlocks in the air
– Comfortable inversions in the air (bent arms, bent legs ok) — both left and right side
– Outside knee hook into hip key in the air (both left and right side) with minimal sliding
– Inside knee hook into thigh lock and seat in the air (both left and right side) with minimal sliding
– Invert with split silks and crochet both legs in the air
– Smooth crossback straddle/straddleback in the air

Aerial Silks Level 2.5 Intro to Drops: (INSTRUCTOR APPROVAL REQUIRED) In this class, we will introduce students to basic drops. Must demonstrate competency in basic and military/Russian climb all the way up the silks (30 feet) with smooth descent, proficiency in Russian flirt/big Russian climb, and bent arm, bent knee inverts in air (both single silk and split silk version) MULTIPLE TIMES

Aerial Silks Level 2.5- Sequence and Endurance– (INSTRUCTOR APPROVAL REQUIRED) Must be level 2 or 3. In this class, students will work on increasing their stamina to be able to stay on the silks for longer periods of time. We will achieve this by learning flow, transitions, and linking series of moves together.

Aerial Silks Level 3 – (INSTRUCTOR APPROVAL REQUIRED) Must have a solid inversion in the air and be comfortable staying in the air for at least 1-2 minutes at a time. In level 3, students will advance to more complicated climbs, sequences, poses/drops, and work on hipkeys.


Conditioning – Great place to start if you are hesitant about being strong enough for silks. This is a class for any skill level and is geared towards building strength to meet your aerial goals. Classes typically involve arm, leg, abdominal, back, and grip strength conditioning

_dsc3251Stretch – Class for any skill level.
Dedicated to increasing flexibility.

Private Lessons – Please contact instructors for more information.

Open Practice – We currently offer “open practice” for aerial silks/tissu, aerial hoop/lyra, static trapeze, and corde lisse. NO INSTRUCTION will take place during open practice sessions. These sessions are meant for students who have previous experience on these apparatuses to train their skills. An instructor will be present to supervise, but no teaching will happen during these sessions.

For safety reasons, we ask that students please do not teach each other during open gym sessions.

If you are not a student with Love/Aerial, but would like to participate in our Open Practice sessions, please e-mail us at before you sign up.